Often times you may here us refer to our “engineering cars” when you watch our video’s, read our tech articles, or speak to our sales department. We thought we would take some time to introduce you to our current engineering cars and explain what they really are. So what the heck is an engineering car?
Our goal is to be able to provide the best customer service possible and the best advice possible for your Mustang. We fully believe that is not possible reading manufacturer ads. So years and years ago we started the process of investing in many many Mustangs & F150’s for our own development, product testing, drag racing, and calibration development. Anybody that has visited Brenspeed for a tour has likely seen these cars, and if you come back every year you see the inventory of them change. They are test mules, they are Mustangs for our sales team to joy ride in and understand the products, they are great cars for developing mail order supercharger packages on, and to us they are our engineering cars.
Here is a quick line up for our Engineering Vehicles for 2012. Now there are other truck/suv engineering vehicles here at for non-mustang projects but today I will focus on the tire shredding Mustangs. Let the introduction begin….
Brenspeed 2013 Roush Mustang
4 Leaf was brought on for Roush Supercharger development with automatic transmissions among other modifications. This car features a FRPP crate engine to handle all of our testing, full BMR suspension, Kooks headers, and of course the Roush Supercharger. We currently use this vehicle for suspension testing and supercharger calibrations with various modifications changed every couple weeks. Whether it is pulley size, cold air, injector size, fuel system, etc… this car runs a different combo as soon as we are finished with the previous combo. It weighs in at just at 4,000 pounds and complete drag strip legal yet has every option that the car came with from the factory. We took it on a joy ride Friday and drove it an hour to test and tune night, ripped a few 10.60’s off in the quarter mile, then grabbed a quick bite for dinner on the way home.
This car is still getting over 20 mpg. Because it is an engineering car it very likely could go slower before it goes faster. Why? Because the end goal with our cars is not making the fastest car on the street, but it is testing various packages and determining the ins and outs of each.
Brenspeed 2011 Roush Supercharged Mustang
This Mustang is currently being used for our Roush 650R (650 HP) package development. It is a manual transmission and is full drag strip legal down the roll cage and weighs 3,945 with driver. It has been used for other various product testing but currently is only used for our 650R durability testing. Our tech George drove it to the track Friday and ran a couple high 10 second passes and cruised home getting over 20 mpg. It still has the factory 3.55 gears. Not only were we testing our Roush 650R supercharger package Friday but also a set of lower control arms for Whiteline Performance Suspension. We like to put the lower control arms we sell through the paces, and a 650+ HP manual transmission Mustang on Mickey Thompson ET Street tires will test the bushing durability for sure.
Brenspeed 2011 Saleen S302DR
This is our car we did a ton of cam development on and raced in the 2011 NMRA season. We also used it for durability testing on a prototype 5.0L supercharger. It tested several designs of torque converters and helped in a new converter being released by TCI. It is an automatic car and ran 11.60 in the quarter mile with our stage 2 coyote power package and a stall converter and again like the others weighing in at 3,985 pounds (HEAVY!). This car was used last month for a Pypes 5.0L header test and is currently running our most popular JLT air intake and tuner package. Like our other engineering Mustangs this is driven often by our sales department to check out the newest parts being tested.
Brenspeed 2012 Mustang E-Force Car
This is our 2012 Mustang that was used exclusively for Edelbrock supercharger package development. All of our other 5.0L Mustangs were deep into testing other packages we picked up this GT to get a step ahead of the competition on the 5.0L E-Force Supercharger package. We developed several stages of turnkey supercharger packages with this Mustang and we were able to dip it into the 10 second zone in ideal conditions during a night we rented the drag strip for testing. Check out this link to see our page devoted to building up this Mustang with Edelbrock products.
“Gold Member” Mile’s 2010 Mustang GT
Typically every engineering car we have is company owned and employee driven. This is one of two exceptions. Miles in our Sales department races this 2010 Mustang GT in the NMRA so what better vehicle to use to test our B326 stroker engine and our Roush Supercharger package. It’s a no brainer for Miles when he was asked “Can we use your 2010 Mustang to test the B326?”. This 2010 Mustang was originally ordered for a Brenspeed engineering car but because of a big delay in the delivery date we had to pick up one that was on the lot. Once it arrived Miles to a big liking to the color and now Gold Member has a huge assortment of Brenspeed products like our Roush turnkey supercharger package, B326 crate engine, Pypes 3V Mustang headers, and a full assortment of BMR suspension.
Miles drove this to the track last week and ran a 10.6 in the quarter mile then achieved just under 20 mpg on the drive home. He uses 4.10 gears and runs on our Race Star Wheel package with 10” rear wheels.
“TOPLESS” Kent’s 2006 Mustang GT
Our engine builder Kent uses his Mustang to race in the NMRA and NMCA and runs our Brenspeed B302 that he builds in house in Brenspeed. It is an automatic car and started early on years ago running our HO Paxton turnkey package, then our Edelbrock E-force Supercharger 3V package, and now one of our Saleen Supercharger Packages for the 3V Mustang. There was a day when we owned four 3V Mustangs for development but with the introduction of the new 5.0L we have moved our inventory into the Coyote Mustang. After 5 years of testing 3V Mustang parts and fine tuning all of our mail order packages we needed several 5.0L cars in house for development so it’s nice two of our employees and NMRA racers are willing to abuse our crate engines on a full time basis in real world drag racing. Both Miles & Kent’s Mustangs are always in house here at Brenspeed so you may recognize them if you have taken a tour of our facility.
Well there you go. Those are some of the Mustangs that are hard at work testing the packages you see on, on our page over at, and on our Brenspeed facebook page. These vehicles and our racing heritage are what help us help you when you call us. They also help improve the performance industry. We are reporting back data to many manufacturers every week to better improve their products which in the end improves the performance parts that you and the team at Brenspeed install on our Mustangs.
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