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2007-14 Mustang GT500 BMR Handling Lowering Springs, Front, 1.5" Drop, Drag

Item Number:SP076R
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There is nothing like the aggressive look of a car with the right stance! Over time, stock

springs sag, get rusty, and simply wear out. BMR Suspension believes the right springs
go beyond looks—your GT500 needs to perform, too! All BMR springs are
manufactured from chrome silicon high-tensile spring wire, and are cold wound on a
CNC coiling machine. The CNC coiling head can adjust the spring diameter in real time
to ensure that every spring is exactly the same. This guarantees that your right spring
matches your left spring. Every BMR spring is compressed solid at the factory, not
once, but twice. This gives the spring its permanent set, and guarantees no sag. BMR
springs are stress-relieved at 750 degrees F, ensuring most stresses induced during the
winding process are eliminated. All springs are then shot-peened to eliminate residual
surface stresses. Many spring manufacturers skip this step, but BMR insists on this
operation as part of our spring manufacturing process. Every spring is computer tested
as the last step—every spring, not just a sample from each batch. Each spring is loaded
in the spring tester at the factory, then compressed and the CNC load cell measures the
force for a variety of spring lengths.                         
Blending aesthetics and performance, BMR has designed the SP069 for Shelby GT500
owners who spend a lot of time at the drag strip. These springs will drop the front end of
your S197 Mustang approximately 1.5-inches and feature a fine-tuned spring rate to
give you improved launches. The 165 lb/inch linear spring rate is soft enough for great
front-end travel at the drag strip. When performance and looks are a must, rely on BMR
BMR rear springs retain the factory "hourglass" shape designed by Ford engineers. This
important feature provides a "variable natural frequency" in the spring to help counteract
damaging wheelhop. This is a feature of the OE springs often overlooked by other
companies simply because they don't realize it's benefits in multi-purpose applications.
BMR Suspension’s SP076 lowering springs are available in red powdercoat for long-
lasting good looks.
- Lowers the front of your GT500 approximately 1.5-inches
- Designed for hardcore drag race applications
- 165 lb/inch linear spring rate          
- Designed for drag race applications
- Manufactured from chrome silicon high-tensile spring wire
- Cold wound on a CNC Coiling Machine to exact specifications
- Lifetime warranty against spring sag
- Stress-relieved at 750 degrees F
- Shot-peened                                     
- Computer tested for accurate height and spring rate
- Made in the U.S.A.                           

Choose an Adjustable BMR Pan Hard Bar from the drop down menu above:
By nature, a panhard rod will alter rear end position as ride height changes. This makes it necessary to use an adjustable panhard rod when lowering your vehicle as it allows you to re-center the rear end. Adjustable panhard rods also become a "must-have" part if you are trying to fit the widest tires possible in the wheel well.   Available in Black Hammertone.

Ordered the cold air and tuner combo. Best tune I have had. Really woke up my 5.0

- C. Faulkner

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