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2015-21 Mustang BMR Polyurethane Differential Bushing Kit BK049

Item Number:BK049
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Minimize wheelhop and enhance the rear stability of your 2015 and newer S550

Mustang by decreasing differential movement with polyurethane differential bushings
from BMR Suspension. Polyurethane is a synthetic polymer with many properties that
make it far superior to OEM rubber for bushings. Polyurethane deflects far less that soft
rubber, and it doesn't breakdown from exposure to petroleum products, road salt,
ozone, and other elements of the harsh undercar environment suspension bushings live
in. BMR Suspension's polyurethane Differential Bushings (BK049) drastically decreases
differential movement and pinion rise over the factory rubber bushings. BMR designed
its polyurethane differential bushings from 95-durometer polyurethane. This material
offers huge reductions in deflection without excessive increases in NVH. Each bushing
is manufactured to strict tolerances, using exact molds, which are designed by BMR.
This allows for a perfect fit and increased performance for any driving style.

Designed for street performance, drag race, and handling applications, BMR

Suspension BK049 Differential Bushings are the perfect wheelhop solution for any S550
Mustang being used for performance driving. BMR's Rear Cradle Bushings offer huge
increases in performance over the stock rubber bushings. The OE bushings are
designed with air pockets and are made from soft rubber. These "voids", coupled with
soft material produce excessive differential movement during normal and aggressive
driving. BMR's polyurethane differential bushings replace the entire OE rubber bushing,
minimizing differential movement by replacing the soft rubber OE bushings with 95-
durometer 4 two-piece polyurethane bushings. This eliminates almost all differential
movement, reducing wheelhop and increases handling stability, while giving you a
much-improved overall feel in any performance driving situation.

If you have stock power or huge power, and plan on launching your car hard, BMR

includes heavy-duty hardware for the Polyurethane Differential Bushing Kit. A small
percentage of customers have experienced differential mounting bolt failures with
various differential-mounting solutions, including OEM bushings. This primarily occurs
with higher than stock power levels, or with hard launches on the street or track. BMR's
heavy-duty hardware helps combat these failures. This hardware is not necessary for all
customers, but BMR supplies the upgrade for those who have higher than factory power
levels or plan on launching their S550 hard on the street or at the dragstrip. This
hardware upgrade requires slight modification to the rear differential mounts.
BMR Suspension's BK049 Differential Busing Kit is available in red with zinc-coated


- Fits 2015-newer S550 Mustangs
- Designed for street performance, drag race, and handling applications
- 95-durometer polyurethane differential bushings
- Zinc-coated inner sleeves
- Decreased bushing deflection
- Includes standard and heavy-duty hardware  
- Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Ordered the cold air and tuner combo. Best tune I have had. Really woke up my 5.0

- C. Faulkner

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