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Mustang Supercharger Buyers Guide

What power adder is best for me?

2005-2009 Power Adder Buyers Guide

It is very natural for a customer to be confused on which Brenspeed power adder package is the correct choice. We offer a variety of 100% complete turn key packages that produce many different power levels. These packages all differ in several ways but do have one thing in common. They all provide enhanced performance. It is the way they differ that creates all the questions, concerns, and confusion. This guide will help you make the decision on which package will meet your needs. As you read through our guide try to have a specific goal for your mustang in mind. This will help you choose the correct aftermarket power adder.

Paxton Supercharger Package

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The Paxton Supercharger is a air to air intercooled centrifugal supercharger (pronounced “sen-trifi-cul”). It builds boost as the RPM’s increase. Under 2900 RPM’s the Paxton will produce very little boost if any. Above 2900 RPM’s boost rapidly builds all the way until 6,500 RPM’s which is were we have tested the package. It is rated at around 10 psi at 6,000 RPM’s but will produce as much as 13 psi at 6,500 RPM’s. The intercooler improves the supercharger efficiency by cooling the air before it enters the engine. This package will put a stock mustang GT automatic into the 11.90 to 12.0 ET range in the quarter mile just leaving the transmission in drive. This is corvette killing territory. Older mustangs gave Paxton’s a bad rep as being very slow at low RPM’s. This is because older mustangs made 225 HP and the superchargers only produced 6 to 8 psi. The 300 HP 3 valve engine combined with this package will not only smoke the tires the second you drop the throttle but will also have stock like drive-ability. The sound of the supercharger is almost non existent from the cabin but can be heard standing outside the vehicle.

Vortech Supercharger Package

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The Vortech Supercharger package is a non-intercooled centrifugal supercharger. It like the Paxton builds boost as RPM’s increases. It also produces boost above approximately 2900 RPM’s and runs 8 psi at 6,000 RPM’s. Because the system only runs 8 psi an intercooler is not necessary and the price is much less than the Paxton. Our package still produces enough horsepower to achieve mid to low 12 second quarter mile ET’s. From the cabin the Vortech’s sound is almost non existent but can be heard standing outside the vehicle. The Vortech has stock like drive-ability.

Saleen Supercharger Package

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The Saleen Supercharger package is a compact intercooled twin screw style supercharger system. It will produce 5 psi of boost without an upgraded pulley which put our Automatic test car to a 12.40 quarter mile ET using our stage 1 kit. Full boost on a twin screw style supercharger is achieved as low as 2500 RPM. We offer multiple stage kits to fit various budgets and power requirements. This system when combined with our tuning and pulley upgrades can outperform our base Vortech and Paxton supercharger packages while putting a stock Mustang GT well into the 11 second quarter mile range. It is likely the most reliable system we carry and used on all production Saleen supercharged mustangs as well as our 2010 Mustang GT that races at every NMRA event. It is virtually maintenance free and also has stock like drive-ability. At wide open throttle the supercharger whines like a 2003 Cobra, Lightning, or Shelby GT500. At idle the supercharger’s sound is almost silent.

Hellion Turbo Package

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The Hellion Power System turbo package is a complete intercooled turn key kit. A turbo system does not operate off of a belt like supercharger systems. The turbo system is plumbed into the factory exhaust manifolds and uses existing exhaust gas to power the turbo. Full boost is usually achieved around 3,000 to 3,500 RPM’s. Because pulleys and belts are not used adjusting the boost level is as easy as replacing springs or shims in the turbo plumbing. This kit can produce as low as 5 psi of boost like our Saleen supercharger package. This makes the system a good option for the customer that wants to be different than almost every other modified mustang running a supercharger yet only add an additional 100 horsepower. For the customers wanting even more power this system can produce as much as 600 horsepower by simply adjusting the boost! It is a great package to grow into so if you plan to produce serious horsepower at a later time this is a good option. The turbo makes no noise at idle and can only be heard at part and wide open throttle. We have achieved 100% stock drive-ability while using a manual transmission with this turbo kit.

Ordered the cold air and tuner combo. Best tune I have had. Really woke up my 5.0

- C. Faulkner

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