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Project High Mile Mustang

Introducing our newest....or should I say oldest... project. This is what we call our high mile mustang. 110,000 miles of driving and it shows. Faded paint, dings, wore interior, but it was cheap and it runs good. With the 3V mustang coming way down in price we thought it would be cool to pick up a high mile mustang and let the mods begin. How will this stang take to performance mods with that many miles? That was the question, and the results were amazing. The key to finding a cheap high mile car is making sure it was taken care of. I would take this 110,000 mechanically maintained Mustang over a 70,000 mile stang that was never serviced any day. We will do this in stages, so enjoy watching the build!

The Mustang we found happens to be a 07 Mustang Shelby GT. This is the exact same as your standard GT Mustang except from the factory it included a 90mm cold air intake, and 91 octane calibration which is good for about 15 rwhp over the standard GT. They make a little more power than a standard GT right out of the box, but with 110,000 miles on the cold air intake its time for a fresh update on induction along with upgrading to a Brenspeed calibration. Your standard stock GT typically comes in around 265-270 rwhp on a good day. We have seen lower and with a 5% variance in power on stock cars off the showroom floor we know why. Mustang GT, Shelby GT, Hertz GT, California Special, and Bullitt Mustangs have the same 3V engine as our project car so you will all love watching us build up this High Mile 3V Mustang.

Our episode 1 video sets the starting point for our high mile Mustang. Lets get this thing tuned up and do the first round of modifications. Anytime you buy something used it is a good idea to make sure it is in good running order. We start off with a set of Autolight HT1 spark plugs, Royal Purple Oil Change, and a new motorcraft fuel filter. Once tuned up we are installing a JLT Cold Air Intake, Brenspeed X4 with our mail order calibration, Steeda Underdrive pulleys, and a set of Steeda charge motion delete plates. We let the dyno drums roll and see where this 110,000 mile high mile mustang ends up.

Episode 1 Parts List
Brenspeed Calibrated X4 Programmer
JLT Series 3 Cold Air Intake
Steeda Underdrive Pulleys
Steeda Charge Motion Delete Plates
Royal Purple Oil Change Kit
Autolite HT1 Spark Plugs

Our episode 2 video modifies our 110,000 mile high mile mustang even further. We up the power with a set of lopey idle Brenspeed Detroit Rocker camshafts and a set of high quality Kooks headers. We ended this video sitting at 343 rwhp but looking into the data even further gave a lot more info. Our header install picked up 15 rear wheel HP peak vs. peak, but at as low as 5,400 RPM's we were up 17 rear wheel HP and 16 foot pounds of torque to the tires. Our cam install went well also. Our peak vs. peak gain was 23 rear wheel HP, but at 6,300 RPM we had a gain of 32 rwhp over stock and had gained over 25 foot pounds of torque. The low end loss was minimal adding cams. As with all cams you are shifting your power curve to higher RPM's, and with the Detroit Rockers our torque loss at 3,000 RPM's was less than 12 foot pounds and sky rocketed with RPM to the highest gain being at 6,300 RPM with a total gain of 30 foot pounds. Even at 5,500 RPM we were up 15 foot pounds with the cams. What do all these numbers mean to you? This explains why a Detroit Rocker cam still drives great with stock gearing as any low RPM torque loss is so minimal a low 3.73 or 4.10 gear are not required to enjoy them.

Episode 2 Parts List
Kooks Headers with Matching Mid Pipe
Brenspeed Rough Idle Detroit Rocker Cams
Ford Racing Lash Adjusters and Followers
Ford Racing Front Drive Cam Phaser Kit
Freedom Racing Cam Wedge
Freedom Racing Valve Spring Compressor

Our 3rd and final episode of the High Mile Mustang hits the NMRA World Finals at Bowling Green Kentucky. Check out the updated mods which include the FRPP Power Up Kit which consists of a new intake manifold and Throttle Body. We address the lower control arms and upgrade the worn out high mile clutch as well before we hit the track. Power comes out great, and we had some interesting experiences at the drag strip. This has been a very fun series and the High Mile Mustang is making way more power than we had expected. Really we believe the 110,000 mile engine is very loose net more power than we have often seen in the past on Mustangs with very low miles. We guess this goes to show that a high mile car is not necessarily a bad car if it has been taken care of. Thank you for watching the series!

Episode 3 Parts List
FRPP Power Up Kit
BMR Lower Control Arms
Exedy Flywheel
Exedy Mach 400 Clutch Kit

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Ordered the cold air and tuner combo. Best tune I have had. Really woke up my 5.0

- C. Faulkner

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