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2015-21 Mustang BMR Upper control arms, non-adjustable, poly/spherical brg, alum

Item Number:UTCA057
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Launch harder, increase cornering stability, and correct rear suspension geometry on

your lowered 2015-newer S550 Mustangs with spherical/polyurethane upper control
arms from BMR Suspension. Stock upper control arms with soft rubber bushings deflect
under load and absorb power instead of transferring it to the tires. The factory arms also
don't allow for proper camber correction on lowered vehicles. BMR's polyurethane, non-
adjustable control arms for Mustangs (UTCA057) are CNC-machined from 6061-T6
billet aluminum. This design gives you an incredibly strong control arm that greatly
improves performance. Greasable, high-durometer bushings add a solid, more
responsive feel over the stock rubber bushings. BMR's bushings are internally fluted,
which allows grease to evenly coat the inner sleeve. These flutes also direct grease to
the outer edge of the bushing, keeping the thrust surface lubricated. This efficient
lubrication ensures quiet, reliable operation over the life of the bushings.

BMR Suspension designed the UTCA057 to work well in street performance, drag race,

and handling applications. The stock control arm bushings deflect excessively under
cornering loads giving you inconsistent handling characteristics. BMR's polyurethane
bushings are designed to be compliant enough to give you a comfortable ride and
absorb NVH, while remaining firm enough to stand up to high loads of any performance
environment. The UTCA057's heavy-duty construction and strong polyurethane
bushings give you much improved repeatability on the street, starting line, or in the
corners. The UTCA057s are primarily designed for lowered cars that are looking to
remove the camber gained from lower than stock ride height vehicles. These are
designed longer than factory arms, give you the ability to correct the camber setting on
lowered S550s. ALL lowered cars will benefit from these parts IF you are looking to
remove negative camber. For those looking to GAIN negative camber, these are not the
correct choice. With a 1.2-inch drop, the most negative camber you can get will be
approximately -2.0 degrees. These work very well for drag racers who have lowered
ride heights, and are looking for ZERO camber. BMR's heavy-duty spherical bearings
are designed to solidly link the spindle to the upper control arm, eliminate deflection and
wheel alignment changes. Our spherical bearings will stand up to high loads of any
performance environment, offering all of the bind-free suspension articulation needed
for great handling. Also, these arms save over 4 pounds compared to the OEM set
(2.35lbs per side). On stock height cars, you cannot exceed -0.50 camber. BMR's S550
upper control arms add no noticeable NVH. These are the perfect upgrade for the
enthusiast looking to improve performance at an affordable price, while maintaining
acceptable NVH levels and ride quality. When performance is a must, rely on BMR

BMR Suspension's UTCA057 non-adjustable polyurethane upper control arms are

available in a durable black anodized finished for long-lasting good looks.


- Fits all 2015-newer Ford Mustang
- Designed longer than factory length to correct suspension geometry on lowered S550s
- High-durometer internally fluted polyurethane greasable bushings
- CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum
- Spherical Bearings
- All 304 stainless steel rod end spacers
- Greatly reduces bushing deflection
- Improved Performance with zero increase in NVH
- Designed for street performance, drag race, and road race applications
- Durable anodized finish
- Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Ordered the cold air and tuner combo. Best tune I have had. Really woke up my 5.0

- C. Faulkner

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