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Mustang 02 Sensor Location

Where do the front 02 mustang wires go?

Front 02 Sensor Harness Location

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One of the biggest mistakes after removing the front 02 sensors on a 05 and newer mustang is re-installing the wiring harness incorrectly. The result is an overly rich condition along with poor idle and part throttle acceleration. We receive calls for this after turbo installs, exhaust installs, clutch installs, and any other time a customer removes the front 02 harness. Ford has located your 02 harness in a location that makes it very easy to mistake the left for the right and vise versa. When you do this the computer will try to compensate the wrong bank of the engine for a 02 signal from the opposite bank. Not only will this make the car drive very terrible but it can make part throttle acceleration at times impossible.

Solution? Check out the image to the right to view the correct factory Ford routing of the 02 harness. You MUST use this routing or your engine will not run correctly. This is the first thing we have customers check after they have removed the front 02 sensors and then reinstalled them to find part throttle and idle engine issues. We have had cars shipped to us from as far as 12 hours away to find out this was what was causing all their troubles after they installed long tube headers. Take the time to confirm you wire the front 02's correctly and GOOD LUCK!

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- C. Faulkner

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