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Brenspeed Customer Testimonials

Fantastic Service...
Thanks for the fantastic service last week. Came in to make an appointment to get a pulley and tune and you guys got me right in, had everything in stock, and 3 hours later I was on my way with 100 additional horsepower. Thanks again Dan Berry....Runs fantastic..

Detroit Rocker Cams...WOW
Just to let you know that your camshaft detroit rocker is one of the best thing i did for my car the sound and performance it added is awsome wnet form 12 .10 to 11.42 with detroit rocker s and tci 3000 tc wow great service and tech help wow

Carole Grenier

Fantastic tune. Thanks!!
I’ve been running your tune since the 20th, Just wanted to let you know that the Saleen s/c tune your tuners provided is everything I could have hoped for. Great drivability, and excellent fuel mileage. Pulls like a freight train when floored, yet behaves perfectly while cruising around town. The tune seems to be spot on, I don’t think a custom dyno tune could possibly do better.

Steve Bozich

We Love the Detroit Rocker 3V Cams!!
‘We have installed numerous sets of the Brenspeed Detroit Rockers throughout the years. They are very similar to the Hot Rod Cams, only difference we have noticed is that the Detroits actually pick up power where the Hot Rods don't. You made a wise choice with the Detroits over the Thumpr series.’

Fastlane Motor Sports Benson, NC

E-mail tune better than local dyno shop!
Chandler, You can quote me on this. Great tune. If you are considering a dyno tune from a shop consider a Brenspeed e-mail tune first and save your money for other things. Brenspeed wrote me a tune that the dyno shop could not come close to. First of all I had no check engine errors as with the dyno shop tune. My car idles nice, runs great and with 4.88 gears in it still gets 18 mpg at cruise 65mph. Brenspeeds product is second to none. Thank you very much for a great tune and great customer service.

Ron Coyne Jr.

Thanks For The Tech Help!
Since I don't have the tools and the space to do it myself, I took my car to my mechanic and he told my car didn't need the throttle body cleaning because my car has 30k miles, but I insisted and he did it. The car runs great. The machanic who installed my SC on car cleaned the engine and the compartment very well, but I guess he didn't take time to clean the body throttle.

Sergio Rangel

Thanks Brenspeed!
To the entire staff @ Brenspeed,

I just got back home and I was dying to try the car out a little, but I refrained from the temptation with the new clutch install. I wanted to drop you guys a line, and let you know how great my whole experience with Brenspeed was. From the initial call asking pricing to the all the email notifications and follow ups to keep me up on the progress of the install, everything was top notch and very professional. You know you don't find that much these days, and sometimes it seems as if the actual shop owners are never available, but that has not been the case with you guys. Everyone went above and beyond to make my experience a little easier. I just wanted to let you all know I appreciate the hospitality and all the answers to all my questions. I will support you guys, and will recommend you to anyone that I can. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

C. Hager

Satisfied with my whole experience!
Hey Seth and Dave,

I am home now and I want to thank you guys one more time. Everything was perfect from the Guest house to the supercharger. Tell Dave I fianlly took my skirt off and hammered it and WOW the car took off like a cat whose tail was on fire. I am 100% satisfied with my whole experience. Thanks again!

Jamieson Allen

My Brenspeed Experience!
To all the folks at Brenspeed, thanks again for the top flight experience during my stay. It is great to know that there are still a few businesses around that have the word "Personal" all their actions.

We made it home about 11:30pm (CST) Sunday. The car preformed flawlessly and the SuperShaker purred like a kitten.

First of all, Seth...thanks for making the whole visit a great experience. Your personal touch along with answering the many questions I had, both about the install and the surrounding areas, made the whole experience easier on us and more delightful.

The accommodations were first class all the way, and as many have said, an unexpected "perk".

Dave, thanks for keeping us informed on the progress and answering the technical questions. It was a pleasure to meet you and talk about the "mechanical" items and the "hood" experience (cutting the hole in the hood).

Mike, you were great in letting me nose around while you were doing the install, and, again, answering the many questions I had about the many photos. I appreciate the professionalism you displayed as to the tear down and the installing the SuperShaker....twice. You did a terrific job, and I envy your technical abilities.

And Brent, you have a great group of people working for you. Other companies would be envious of the talent and personalities each display. I want to especially thank you for part you played in the overall install and not hesitating to change out the supercharger when you felt there may be a problem with it. Your diagnostic skills proved invaluable and making an immediate call to change out the supercharger made an everlasting impression on me. As I said before, it is hard to find a company these days that stands behind their products and work like you do. I know you are looking forward to growing your company and moving into your new facility. I, too, am anxious to see the move....and continued success of your business.

As to the trip back, for general information, I averaged 24.5 mpg....most at 75-80 that's not bad. I did have a few heads turn when they saw the SuperShaker sticking out of the hood.....yes, it really does look great.

I will be sending some photos as soon as I do a little re-touching on them. There are some good ones on the install process.

Again, thanks to each of you...,,and the Brenspeed name is about to become known in the Waco area.

Jon Philbrick

Excellent Knowledge!
Hey Dave,

Man I gotta tell ya you and your crew at Brenspeed are miles ahead of your "Competition" !! I only wish I had discovered how Awesome you guys were before I purchased my kit from one of those other distributors. I'm still waiting on responses to e-mails I sent out a week ago and longer. Dont even get me started on how long I have been put on hold when they know I'm calling from Germany. You guys at Breenspeed have always been fast, accurate and professional not to mention extremely fair on your prices for the items I have purchased. You can believe you guys will get all of my business and, rave reviews from me to all my Army buddies at our car care center, as well as my car and motorcycle clubs and, all the Mustang forums I belong to. Thanks for your very speedy responses and all your Tech help. Looking forward to working with you in the future!!

Thanks Again, Wade Sykes

Fast Shipping!

I received the Vortech today! Awesome shipping time. The rest comes Monday and the car goes to the shop Tuesday morning. Do you think I can get the tune tomorrow? I think I may need the time to figure out how to load it on the SF3… Again, I appreciate the great service and outstanding shipping. I am a happy camper.

Fred M. Hamdun

Amazing Custom Tunes!
The SCT tunes you sold me are totally awesome! When you said I should do that first I was skeptical. But, you were absolutely correct! I currently have it on the 91 octane setting and it just flies. Can’t wait to try the 93 setting.

I have a friend who asked me what to do first on his new Bullitt. I told him to call you. He did and he is extremely happy with his X3 and what it has done for his car with your custom tunes.

Jim Wyche

I received the tuner today!
I received the tuner today in the mail, and let me start off by saying.. WOW! It’s hard to believe the car had this much hidden potential in it the whole time. I wish this had been the first thing I had done to the car!

Joey Alexander

One Fast Bullitt!
Hi Seth,

So I received my xcal today and downloaded itto my bullitt and boy oh boy …. Whoooo hoooo lol…. Lots more torque ant lower RPMs a lot more peppier and definitely more HP on top end… love it… I just wanted to say thanks… no pinging, no detonation that I could tell on the 91 performance tune … so thanks a lot… I really appreciate it … Its freaking awesome …, I would recommend you guys to anyone that has a stang, thanks for the great service and have a good weekend.

P.S. I am saving $$$ for the V3 vortech!

Thanks Bernie Jimenez


Fast Shipping!

Just a note to let you know that I received my H-Pipe yesterday and I wanted to “Thank” Brenspeed again for your awesome service, super fast shipping, and customer support. Great job and keep it up!

Craig Coble

Very Informative!

Thanks so much for the quick and informative reply – you guys rock!

Best, Dave Fausel

Ordered the cold air and tuner combo. Best tune I have had. Really woke up my 5.0

- C. Faulkner

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