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Brenspeed 2011-14 F-150 5.0/6.2L V8 Roush Supercharger Calibration

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By far the #1 first modification for your Roush Supercharged Ford F-150 is one of SCT's programmers loaded with a Brenspeed Calibration. Our custom calibration will give you the fastest throttle response possible, increased HP, the maximum torque possible at lower RPMs, transmission and speed limit modifications, and often improved MPG. Brenspeed's calibrations are a far cry from your basic aftermarket tune. We have years of experience and R&D invested into our calibrations to give you more benefits than just a peak HP gain on the dyno. With multiple modifications performed to many parameters within the torque management, adaptive learning, transmission, and drive by wire tables it is common to reduce quarter mile ET's by as much as a half second.

* The SCT device includes a Brenspeed premium fuel only calibration for the ultimate street driving experience, towing, and racing all in one calibration. Our calibration is optimized at all throttle positions with current software technology. This will give you the ability to get the best MPG possible when cruising on the highway or the maximum horsepower and torque when you are heavy in the throttle. Our calibrations are designed for 91 or higher octane fuel. We also have calibrations for international fuels as well.

What you are purchasing:

You are purchasing a calibration developed in house on our engineering vehicles. We have calibrations developed for almost every product we offer. Our calibrations must pass a rigorous list of specifications through racing, street driving, and dyno testing before they are released. We do not simply dyno one vehicle and consider that enough information for a mail order calibration. This is the main reason that we do not calibrate for every aftermarket product on the market. However,  we are constantly working on releasing new calibrations. A Brenspeed Calibration is not a standard calibration created by a software manufacturer that is providing one size fits all "tunes" to everybody that purchases their tuning software.

What you are not purchasing:

You are not purchasing what is known as a "remote tune" or "remote calibration". Remote tuning a car is having the customer data log vehicle information and sending that info to the calibrator, then changes are e-mailed back to the customer, and so on. Remote tuning is the fine tuning of a calibration to a specific customer need beyond the developed mail order calibration. This is also known as dyno tuning, but with the tuner being remote to the dyno or test area. Remote tuning and dyno tuning take about the same amount of time and effort. We currently do not offer remote tuning but we do have facilities located in Indiana and Texas that do offer in house services starting at $400. Prices vary per application, and not all applications are supported so please contact us for more information.

After you order our sales department will e-mail you to find out about your current modifications if any, your Truck in general, and other information so we can develop your custom tunes. The custom tunes will then be loaded on your SCT X4 so all you will have to do when it arrives is plug it in and allow the custom tunes to load on your Ford's PCM. It is that easy!


Full User adjustability so if you so choose you can adjust idle, axle gear ratio, tire revolutions per mile, rev limiter, spark, and air fuel. Your custom tune will not require any of these changes. We install the features on the programmer as some customers like access to them.

Read DTC Trouble Codes & Clear Trouble Codes

On Screen Data Logging

Ability to Receive Custom Tunes via E-Mail from Brenspeed

Expedite Option: Typically all custom tuning orders are built in the order received. We understand that our customers sometimes have to be to a race, car show, or just want it fast. Because of time sensitive events we offer expedited custom tuning for an extra charge of $49. We will build your custom tune outside of normal business hours in order to give you a one business day turn around. If you choose this option please contact our sales department as soon as possible to provide us important tuning information.

Has your F150 ever experienced wheel hop under hard acceleration? Both of our development F150's used to, but not with the Stifflers Anti Wheel Hop Traction Bars. Our 4x4 is naturally aspirated and our 2X4 is supercharged. Both experienced body shaking wheel hop under hard acceleration. To cure this we use Stifflers Anti Wheel Hop Traction Bars. They are an easy install and a fair price. Use the drop down menu above to add these to your purchase.
2009-14 F150 Stifflers 2WD Anti Wheel Hop Traction System LLB-FT02
2009-14 F150 Stifflers 4WD Anti Wheel Hop Traction System LLB-FT03

Ordered the cold air and tuner combo. Best tune I have had. Really woke up my 5.0

- C. Faulkner

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